Working with Rachel has been a revelation. After years of going through counselling and CBT for depression, there was a little part of me that was holding my self-confidence back, especially in work situations which was proving particularly stressful. Over the past few months I have developed a real sense of calm and a seen a deduction in me over thinking and ruminating on situations I have been in. I’m also seeing gradual improvements in being able to keep my emotions in check, especially when I’m put on the spot. I had my end of probation meeting with my manager the week before last and he finds it very easy to point out people’s faults without necessarily making the feedback constructive. At one point I did feel the emotion well up but I found it calmed down a lot quicker than it may have had previously and I was able to get back to making the point I needed to. During that same week I went for an interview and am very pleased to say I was offered the job! Despite slight initial nerves, and the feeling that I hadn’t been able to do enough prep, I was able to easily put those thoughts to one side, walked in there feeling confident and walked out feeling even more confident. Not only that I barely ruminated on the interview for the rest of day which I previously would have done. I don’t think I would have had the same experience without our sessions! Thank you.


Working with Rachel has fundamentally shifted the way I see myself, and the world, for the better. She helped me understand the wider context to my specific thoughts and feelings, which ultimately relieved a heavy burden – I began to understand that I’m not flawed. Rather, I was caught in perfectly natural pattern, that I could absolutely escape. I also thoroughly enjoyed the hypnosis, which I found to be extremely relaxing.


Generally in life, I am a confident person. However in the classroom, when it came to putting my hand up to answer questions, I could not bring myself to do it. I would think of an answer and say nothing. The tutor would take answers from around the room until eventually, someone would say what I was thinking. Then I felt worse, what was the point in putting my hand up now. I began to dread this part of the class. During the session with Rachel, she gave me the confidence to open up about my fear. After just one session it was no longer an issue. In my very next class, the worry had gone and I found my hand going up without thinking. It made my course so much easier and more enjoyable.


I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Rachel which focused on my performance anxiety. I found the sessions beneficial and Rachel was very supportive. She has helped me to feel more confident and relaxed in daily life. I would certainly recommend Rachel as a hypnotherapist.


I would highly recommend Rachel as a practitioner for improving sports performance. I was always berating myself for poor play, ‘’ I should have done this or that’’ or distracted by ‘’peripheral noise.’’ The breakthrough for me was using the relaxation techniques and the positive thinking approach she taught me. This has helped me accept a bad shot, hole or outcome and focus on the next task at hand. Since our sessions together my golf mental state has improved immeasurably. I’m now enjoying playing golf and saving strokes as well. I look forward to learning more from Rachel in the future.

R. Graham

I was impressed with Rachel’s shrewd analysis and with the way that I was easily directed to make a revealing discovery, something that created an unwanted pattern in my behaviour at a very young age. Thanks to this new awareness, I have since been able to consciously work on correcting my behaviour. I highly recommend Rachel as a hypnotherapist especially for her ability to empathise, make you feel at ease and for her observing and analytical qualities

Lisa G
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