About Me

Hi I’m Rachel Goth, I’m a hypnotherapist based in South London. I help people like you to reduce their stress and anxiety, worry less and enjoy life more. I help them to feel more relaxed more of the time and so stressed and anxious less of the time. It’s amazing how many things aren’t a problem any more when they don’t stress you out or make you feel anxious or fearful.

My Philosophy

When we’re stressed we don’t have access to our higher thinking. Funnily enough that doesn’t help us to find solutions to our problems. Two people can live the exact same life, one happy, the other miserable. I’ll bet you the miserable one isn’t relaxed. When we’re relaxed we’re more intelligent and we have access to all of our wisdom.

I never used to understand the thing about accepting where you are before you can change it. Acceptance seemed to me like giving up. But now I see it as relaxing with it, detaching your emotions from it so you can think more clearly and have a better chance of finding the path out.

With busy lives, work being able to contact you at all hours and social media ramming people’s ‘perfect’ lives down your throat, it seems there’s never been a more stressful time to be alive. But when we relax and step back we can see the nonsense for what it is and concentrate on the important stuff.

Not to mention long term stress is bad for our health (blood pressure, heart attacks, digestion and so on) and a factor in depression.

My Story

I worked as a graphic designer for many years before moving on to explore lots of careers from neon light designer to jewellery designer. I enjoyed all of them but there was something missing.

It wasn’t until I discovered hypnotherapy and more about how my own mind works that it all came together. Hypnotherapy allowed me to combine my creativity with scientific understanding to help others in a way that I find fulfilling.

Through my hypnotherapy training and working with clients I’ve used many different ways to help people change how they feel and relax. For a flavour of how I can help you I recommend you check out my blog. You’ll find lots of tips there that you can implement for yourself right now.

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