About Me

Hi I’m Rachel Goth, the voice coach. I help motivated coaches, therapists and teachers learn to love their voice so they can share their message without having to change the way they speak.

I can help you stop cringing when you hear your voice and wishing you sounded like someone else. Using a combination of coaching, mindfulness, visualization and practical exercises I help you change the way you feel about your voice and become confident in expressing yourself on video and audio so you can share your message.

From my very first client I was hooked. She came to me because she didn’t like the way her voice sounded and it was holding her back. She wanted to coach people and create her own courses so this was a real stumbling block for her. She believed that people wouldn’t listen to her because of her accent and was in a dilemma because it also didn’t feel natural talking any other way. It was holding her back from saying what she wanted to say both professionally and personally. 

In the past she had made some social media content before, for a bit, but then she’d retreat because it was just too painful putting herself out there when she felt there was something wrong with her voice. She was even holding herself back from commenting in groups where she was sure she could help people. 

Well after our very first session she started working on creating a course she’d been wanting to make for a long time because she was already starting to feel comfortable with being herself and realizing people would want to listen to her. Within 3 weeks she’d finished creating her first course, posted about it on social media and made some YouTube videos, all with a natural ease which really surprised her. And she made 3 sales from people who saw her content. By the end of week 3 she was already working on her second course. Two weeks after she’d finished working with me she’d made another 23 sales.

It was amazing to see her blossom from week to week. To see her own amazement at how she was now doing these things she’d wanted to do for so long and it was all flowing with ease.

I’m passionate about helping people feel confident and at ease with their voice.

  • There’s no such thing as a perfect voice.
  • There’s no accent better or worse than another.
  • Nobody needs to speak like an old BBC TV presenter from the 1940s to be accepted and listened to.
I’m a Scouser myself and as a child my mum wanted me to have elocution lessons. I refused but still it left me thinking there must be something wrong with my voice or why would she want me to change it. It took me a good few years to realise it was her own voice my mum didn’t like and she was projecting her anxieties on to me.

Variety is the spice of life

Your unique sound is one of the things which will make you stand out and attract people to you. Because when you feel comfortable with yourself just as you are it shines through and people see it. 

You weren’t born disliking your voice. Things have happened in life which have created that belief for you. And that’s what it is, a belief, not a fact. And when we work together we can change that so you can learn to like your voice again and feel confident speaking.

I trained as a hypnotherapist and coach which has sparked off a lifelong interest in learning about mindset. I’ve helped people with many different anxieties and fears over the years. And now I bring all my training and experience to helping people like you learn to like your voice and feel comfortable being yourself.

Because I believe it’s important we all shine as ourselves and encourage each other to be who we are. The world doesn’t need a load of clones, it needs all the unique, quirky, funny and delightful things that make you you. And it’s my pleasure to be a part of your journey.

Being able to speak freely opens up so many opportunities professionally and personally. My clients are

  • Recording courses they’ve been wanting to make for a long time
  • Creating meditation audios
  • Starting new businesses
  • Having deeper conversations.

They’re not procrastinating any more or holding themselves back or avoiding opportunities because they generally feel more confident speaking up and sharing.

And it always surprises them how much has changed for them in the short amount of time we worked together. How much more confident, at ease and relaxed they are. It blows their mind and it’s hugely rewarding to be a part of.