Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of the day all hypnosis is self hypnosis. It involves you following along with the hypnotherapist’s suggestions and choosing which to take onboard. It works the same way whether in person or online. The benefit of having sessions online, apart from the convenience, is that you can be in your own familiar environment rather than travelling to a strange office. This can help you to relax even deeper.

Relaxation is the natural antidote to stress. I can help you to unwind and release stress so it doesn’t build up. With hypnosis I can also help you to react differently to the stressors in your life so they don’t have such an impact on you.

Relaxation is the natural antidote to anxiety and stress. I can help you find the relaxation techniques which work for you and help you incoroprate them into your life. Using hypnosis I can also help you to change how you react to whatever makes you anxious so it doesn’t trigger those feelings any more.

Send me an email/text or give me a call to let me know you’d like to book. I like to have a chat with people first to make sure we are a good fit to work together. I will then book you in and send you payment details. The booking is not confirmed until payment is made. Payment is required at least 48 hours before an appointment.

All you need is your laptop or Ipad, a decent internet connection and some privacy in a place where you can safely relax undisturbed for the duration of the session. You will need to download a free application called Zoom if you don’t already have it. I will send you a link to it.

If you’re worried about it working we can have a test run before the appointment to make sure we can see and hear eachother.

It can happen if you haven’t relaxed in a while or you’re not getting enough sleep but it’s not very common. I can either gently wake you or some clients like to be left to sleep if it’s an evening appointment. For reassurance you could also set an alarm to wake you at a certain time.

You must cancel at least 48 hours before the session to receive a full refund. If you cancel with at least 24 hours notice we can reschedule at no extra cost.

I know life is hectic and it can be difficult to squeeze everything in. If you’d like a package of sessions but don’t have a full hour we can work around it with shorter sessions. Contact me and we can discuss it.

Don’t worry, you won’t be sitting meditating for an hour. I’m a trained hypnotherapist so I have a number of techniques to help your mind and body to relax. The more feedback you give me the more I can tailor our sessions to what works for you.

If the connection fails during a session we simply reconnect and continue. If that doesn’t work we can continue by phone or reschedule at no additional cost.