The Mind/Body Connection

How to reduce anxiety and stress in lockdown

It might be tempting to sit on the sofa drinking wine and ordering pizza while you’re stuck indoors but your body, and your mind, won’t thank you. Late nights and bad food won’t do anything for your stress and anxiety levels. And with everything that’s going on in the news and social media right now your levels may well be high. You’re mind and body are not separate entities. If you want to feel relaxed you need to look after them both.

Here’s some ideas for how you can look after your body even when you can’t get outside.

  • Exercise

    If you’re able do some exercise it will help keep you both physically and mentally fit. You can use YouTube videos or join an online class. It’s much more motivating to exercise with others. Just be careful to do what’s right for your body and consult you’re doctor if you’re unsure.

  • Cook

    Dust off the old recipe book from the back of the cupboard and make yourself something nutritious to feed your body and mind. (I’m going to have a go at making bread along with the rest of the world.) If you’re struggling to get all the ingredients you need try making up your own recipes. I’m the queen of leftover dinners.

  • Get enough sleep

    It’s tempting to stay up late when you don’t have to get up for the daily commute but having too little sleep can play havoc on your body and mind. On the other hand too much sleep isn’t great for you either. Try to keep to the same times for going to bed and getting up. If you know you weren’t getting enough sleep before then maybe go to bed earlier or get up a little later but try to make it a routine.

  • Get some sunshine

    If you have a garden I’m sure you’re spending time in the sun already. Even if you’re not a keen gardener just soaking up the sights and sounds of nature is good for you. If you have a balcony spruce up your garden chairs and get outside. If you don’t have any outdoor space open the windows and feel the sun and breeze on your face. It’s important not just for vitamin D but also to help set your body clock.

These things will help to keep your mind in shape as well as your body and give you something positive to focus on. You could even come out of this period fitter and healthier than when you started.