How to change how you feel in 10 minutes or less

How to change how you feel by using your imagination

Sometimes a dark cloud can descend on you out of nowhere. Suddenly you might find yourself worrying about something you said to someone or playing the old ‘what if’.

Other times it can be a feeling which hits you out of nowhere. Just as soon as they come those thoughts and feelings can go but if they don’t there’s a method you can use to send them on their way.

How to change a feeling

You can either follow along with the video or read through the explanation below.

You might like to read through this first then do it yourself with your eyes closed.

1. Give it Body

  • If it’s a thought what’s the feeling that goes with it?
  • Where is the feeling in your body? It could be in your belly, in your head or somewhere else entirely.
  • If that feeling had a colour what would it be?
  • If it had a shape what shape would it be?
  • Is it a flat shape or 3D?
  • Is it smooth or rough? Maybe dimpled or spiky?
  • What size is it?
  • Is the shape moving or still?

2. Begin to change it

  • You can change the colour to one that feels more appealing.
  • You can change the shape and the size to something more soothing.
  • You can change the texture to a more comfortable one.
  • If it’s moving you could move it in a different way or even make it still.
  • You can even move it somewhere else e.g. from your belly to your elbow or even outside of yourself.
  • You can even shrink it and move it into the distance until it blinks out of existence.
  • Play about and find what feels most comfortable for you.
  • When you notice you’re feeling better you can open your eyes and continue with your day.

I hope you found that useful. You may need to practice it a few times. Play about with it and see how you get on.