How relaxing can benefit your confidence

The easy confidence boost

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Okay I’m not saying a massage is going to make you feel you’re the best thing since sliced bread. It won’t make you go from hiding in the corner at parties to being the compere. However what regular relaxation can do for you is help you to gain a more balanced view of things.

It doesn’t sound much but it’s huge. Imagine not blaming yourself for everything that happens including the weather or beating yourself up because you’re not perfect. When you’re more relaxed it’s easier to live with mistakes and misunderstandings and enjoy the imperfect parts of life.

Stressing makes it worse

You know how when you’re stressed everything feels worse? Little things upset you more. Even simple things are harder to do. If someone looks at you you think they’re frowning. If they don’t look at you you think they’re snubbing you. One tiny thing going wrong can ruin your entire day.

It can become a black and white world where anything less than perfect is complete rubbish. Well relaxing brings you back into balance. It means you can see more of the shades of grey and don’t always need to assume the worst.

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Being relaxed makes you more spontaneous

Ever been in a good mood and surprised yourself by talking to a stranger at a bus stop? Have you bought a style of dress you wouldn’t normally wear and found it suits you? There are times when you feel more confident than others. You surprise yourself by doing things you wouldn’t normally do without even thinking about it. Relaxing regularly can help you to have more of those times more often.

Being relaxed helps you expand your comfort zone

Feeling stressed and anxious can lead to your comfort zone shrinking. You don’t want to try new things or even do the stuff you were doing. That’s not to say a bit of anxiety or stress is a bad thing. In small doses it can motivate us to get things done. Inevitably there’ll be a bit of it whenever you’re trying something new or pushing a boundaries.

However when you’re relaxed more of the time it gives you a greater perspective. The stakes of saying the wrong thing or embarrassing yourself are put into proportion. You can see any hiccups as just a small part of a wider picture. So it helps you to cope with the anxiety or stress you feel from doing something new so it’s easier for your comfort zone to increase.

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Being in the moment

When you’re relaxed you’re also in the moment more which means you’re not ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. And it’s often rumination and worry that hold you back from acting and keeps you stuck.

Relaxing = healthy body, healthy mind

When you’re relaxed more of the time everything just works better. It’s good for your immune system and helps keep your body healthy. You’re more likely to sleep better and think more clearly. And when you’re in balance you’re more likely to feel capable.

Looking outward

You’re also more likely to be looking outward rather than thinking about what people think about you or how you look, two major sources of low self esteem.

The beauty of relaxing is it’s easy to do, free and enjoyable too. And if you’re stuck at home right now like a lot of the nation you might find you have more time to try out new ways to relax.

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