5 reasons to relax

How relaxing helps your physical and mental well being

You might be aware you need to relax more but you struggle to justify spending time chilling out when you have a to do list longer than your arm. How can you justify the time to laze around when that project isn’t going to finish itself or those dishes are waiting to be washed? It’s a bit like stretching, you know you should be doing it but it’s not as sexy as pumping iron and getting a sweat up. If this sounds like you here are some very good reasons to justify why it’s vital for you to incorporate relaxation into your life.

1. Relaxing improves your physical health

When you’re highly stressed or anxious you’re in fight or flight mode. This is a mode meant for emergencies and not long term use. It can raise your heart rate, make you sweat, interrupt your digestion and prime the muscles ready to run or fight.

Long term this can have adverse affects on your heart, lead to diabetes, and cause digestion problems amongst others. It’s exhausting in itself and it can lead to nights of worry and sleep deprivation. Relaxing is the natural antidote to stress and anxiety. It calms your body and mind and helps them to work more efficiently.

2. You’re more efficient when you’re relaxed

Ever noticed when you’re stressed how it’s hard to think straight? You might struggle to make decisions or things become so black and white that if everything isn’t perfect it’s all a disaster.

Constant stress can leave you struggling to write that presentation, make a calculation, decide what to tackle on your to do list or even decide what to have for dinner.

This is because the fight or flight state is made for emergencies. In such situations you don’t have time to ponder nuances and you need to decide fast whether to run or fight before that tiger pounces on you.

This isn’t useful in situations where things aren’t so clear cut. When you’re relaxed you think more clearly and have access to more of your knowledge and wisdom to make better, more efficient decisions.

3. You’re happier when you’re less stressed ie relaxed

Relaxing won’t make you ecstatically happy all the time but it does feel better than being stressed and anxious. When you can think about problems in a relaxed manner you can take things in your stride more easily. When you’re not stressed little things don’t upset you so much and you’re less likely to get angry and frustrated.

4. You’re a nicer person to be around when you’re relaxed

Even if you feel you can’t justify the time to relax for yourself how about doing it for the benefit of everyone else in your life? When you’re less stressed you’re more patient with others as well as yourself.

You can help others more as you can think more clearly. You can remain level headed even when others are stressing out. You can cut people more slack and be a nicer, more chilled you. Imagine getting on better with your family, friends and colleagues.

5. Relaxing saves you time

Believe it or not relaxing can actually lead to you having more time to get everything done. When you’re stressed it’s harder to think clearly and so it’s more difficult to make decisions. You can find yourself wasting time being indecisive.

When you’re relaxed you can make decisions more quickly and efficiently. When you’re more relaxed you’re also less likely to have stress related illnesses that may slow you down and take up your time with being ill and having doctor and hospital appointments. Also relaxing doesn’t take up as much time as you might think.

A bit of stress at the right time can help motivate you to get things done. But a lot of stress over the longer term can be detrimental to your health. When you relax regularly you can reduce the effects of stress and be a happier, healthier, more efficient you.