How It Works

If you’re someone who uses their imagination in their work (crafter, artist, designer, writer), in fact your creativity and ideas are the life blood of what you do, but your passion is waning, then you’re in the right place because:

  • I’m a creative type too so I know what it’s like when you get in a funk and the money maker between your ears just isn’t doing its thing.  
  • I know what it’s like dealing with all the other crap that goes on outside of your creative zone. Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to not have to deal with people or the world and just do your thing (sigh)?
  • I also know that’s never going to happen so I offer:

1:1 sessions to get your imagination firing on all cylinders

Using a combination of hypnosis and various other relaxation, visualisation and mindfulness techniques we will identify what’s keeping you out of your creative zone and get you back in there where you belong so you can do your best work and more importantly enjoy it again.

How do we do that?

I can’t get rid of your deadlines, sweet talk your bank manager or make your kids sandwiches. I can however help you change how all that stuff impacts on your creativity. Because stress and anxiety are the natural enemies of creativity.

Think about it, do you have your best ideas when you’re stuck in traffic worrying about getting to that meeting in time and how you’re going to find time for the supermarket shop? Is it actually more likely to happen when you’re in the shower or out for a walk? I’m betting the latter and I’m also betting you don’t find showering or walking in the countryside stressful.

It’s biology. 

When we get highly stressed we click into fight or flight mode. You know that state of mind which is useful if you’re crossing the street and a car is coming or you’re touching a hot pan.

You’re focussed on the danger and your only decision is whether to move away quick, fight or freeze on the spot and play dead. Like getting out of the way of the car or taking your hand off the pan, it’s not a situation for considered debate. You don’t have the capacity to think about anything else other than the iminent threat and nor should you. 

The trouble is our minds have a wide definition of what’s dangerous which includes stuff we worry and churn over in our heads which isn’t life threatening. You know, like:

  • How on earth are you going to get this project done on time?
  • What if this or that or the other happens?
  • Are you really good enough to be doing this?

In those cases going into fight or flight also happens but it’s not helpful. Your imagination may be firing but it’s taken up with disaster scenarios with no capacity left for ideas and solutions.

Essentially what we need to do is train your brain to recategorise those none life threatening anxieties as just that, not life threatening. When we do that the fight or flight system can stand down so you have access to more of your brain power, including your imagination. Then we can get on with reconnecting you to your passion, you know, what fires you up to do your thing.

Where do sessions take place?

All of the sessions take place online via Zoom so I can help you wherever you are and you don’t need to waste time travelling.

If that sounds good to you message me and let’s chat.