How I Help

How I can help you

You love your work but you don’t always love how it makes you feel. You may even believe suffering is part of the process because you’re so familiar with the feeling. But what if you could feel in control of your creative mind, tap into your creative flow at will and master that voice in your head which tells you you’re no good? 

Imagine how it will feel to -

  • Trust yourself more and be less bothered by criticism.
  • Curious and thoughtful about your not so successful experiments rather than crushed. 
  • Confident that more ideas will always come. 
  • Stronger and more at ease, excited about what you’ll create next.
  • Proud of what you’ve already achieved

Remember you started this because you fell in love with what you do and I can help you can feel that way again with less of the rubbish bits.

How it works

I work with you one to one to discover what’s holding you back and give you the tools to take back control. This could mean using visualisation, mindfulness or other psychological techniques, whichever ones are right for you.

To start with we have a free discovery call over Zoom to go through what you’d like help with and check we’re a good fit to work together. This can be insightful in its self.

Then if we choose to work together I offer a package of four sessions held online over Zoom. You can pay for a one off session instead but it’s more expensive as I like to encourage you to come for at least four sessions to feel the benefit. After that you may feel you have what you need which is great. If you’d like more support following on then you can purchase single sessions at a discounted rate.

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Four session package £340

Single session £120

Single sessions after a package purchase £85

Who am I?

Hi I’m Rachel former graphic designer and jewellery designer, hobby writer and coach for creative people like you. I fell out of love with design years ago or at least I thought I did but really I was telling myself stories. Telling myself I wasn’t interested in design any more when really what I didn’t like was how it made me feel. My self esteem was a rollercoaster back then, dependent on my latest project. It was like tip toeing across egg shells waiting for someone to discover I wasn’t good enough to be doing this. Even when I had one of my necklaces featured in Elle magazine I was still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I know I’m not the only person who has felt this way.

As part of my own journey I discovered hypnotherapy, mindfulness, EFT and a host of modalities which helped me realise the truth behind my stories. Now I use what I know to help other creative types cut out the crap and get back to enjoying what they do. And the best part for me is I get to hang out with artists and makers like you.

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